Powder Coating Training

Coating Supplies Australasia offers over 30 years of experience in Powder Coating and we’re able to share our expertise with you and your team. We offer a high level of training service to get your staff able and qualified quickly and effectively. Let us help you get the best out of Gema Powder Coating applicators and learn how to you can save time and money with our tips and tricks we have learnt ourselves over many years of servicing the industry.

Our Training Subjects include:

- Introduction to Powder Coating: About it, finishes and the science behind it
- Pre-treatment and why it’s important
- Optimization of production
- Earthing and grounding requirements and benefits
- Compressed air
- Powder application
- Powder Booth Operation
- Colour changing procedure
- Reclaiming and Spraying Powder
- Sieving and Bulk Feeding
- Equipment troubleshooting and maintenance
- Application problems troubleshooting and resolution
- Defective finishes troubleshooting and resolution
- Quality control testing methods, procedures and record keeping
- Key performance indicators
- Safety hazards, PPE and avoiding injury
- Material safety data sheets