Important Routine Maintenance 

To get the best out of your Gema Powder Coating equipment you need to do regular maintenance with genuine Gema Parts.

Maintenance routines may require checking grounding, system Cleaning and checking for worn parts.


Grounding issues are common and can mean that powder is falling to the floor and getting drawn into your exhaust filters. This can be due to not having the right hooks, gun issues and operator error.

Hooks Are a Vital Part of Powder Coating:

Our HangOn Hooks are copper coated which means that they are grounded. They are cost effective, and can be uses a few times and replaced and there fore there is no need to clean hooks.

We have a Conveyer Ground Test CGT11 which makes it easier to test the grounding of the object to be coated.

Gun Maintenance 

Powder hose

Powder Hoses can get run over, cut, pinched and damaged. So it is important to keep extra replacement powder hose.  The Gema powder hose has a conductive strip and therefore a broken hose must be replaced.

If you only have two or three main colours, there is an advantage for having extra hose for quick colour change & to save time avoid contamination.

Hoses also need  hose connectors for the gun side & the injector side



the most common wear part is the insert sleeve (Venturi ).                             As the powder propelled through the injector the insert will get worn from the inside and sometimes even cut grooves. If it goes on for too long , the injector becomes less efficient & the gun will surge.

Before that happens we suggest you check the sleeve every time you do colour change or before you start a new job.

The insert /venturi is a very inexpensive spare part which will make a big difference to your final product.


The last wear part is the flat jet nozzle at the tip of the gun. With a lot of powder use the nozzle & electrode holder will wear off. If the gun is drooped, most likely it will land on the tip & can damage the nozzle & might also break the electrode holder.

Keeping spare genuine Gema parts at your fingertips will prevent lengthy productions delays due to simple issue. If your budget allows a spare manual gun is always good to have as a backup.

We have highly trained technicians in with Genuine Gema Parts

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