3M Adflo Powered Air Respirator PAPR Spare Parts


The Heavy Duty Adflo Powered Air Purifying Respirator (PAPR)

Looking after your 3M Adflo Powered Air Respirator

Adflo filters are built specifically to capture welding fume, High pressure compressed air can create holes in the filter that although not always visible to the naked eye, could compromise its level of protection.

  1. Regularly replace spare parts.

This boosts productivity and can save you money. Make sure you monitor your filters before each shift.

2. Charge battery

3. Store your system safely

4. Keep your PAPR Clean

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3M Adflo Powered Air Respirator PAPR Spare Parts

3M Adflo PAPR Expanded ViewWelding Respirator Adflo PAPR: CS05 837730

Speedglas 9100 Air Welding Helmet with HD Adflo PAPR 507726HD

CS05 837242 Gas Filter Nuisance Level Organic, Inorganic & Acid Gas Adflo PAPR

CS05 837542 Gas Filter A1 Adflo PAPR

CS05 837010 Particle Filter Replacement Adflo PAPR

 Pre-Filter Adflo PAPR Pk=5:   CSO5 836010

Odour filter for Adflo PAPR (837110)Odour Filter Adflo PAPR:   CS05 837110

Odour filter pad for Adflo PAPR (837120)Odour Filter Replacement Pad Adflo PAPR:   CS05 837120


Standard Li-Ion battery for Adflo PAPR (837630)Battery Lithium Ion Standard New Adflo PAPR:  CS05 837630.

One Hour Rapid Charge Heavy Duty Battery with Long Life

The new Adflo heavy duty lithium-ion battery charges from 0-80% of its full capacity in approximately one hour and lasts approximately 12-14 hours depending on conditions (extends battery life by approximately 4 hours over the standard systems).


Heavy Duty Li-Ion battery for Adflo PAPR (837631)Battery Lithium Ion Heavy Duty New Adflo PAPR:  CSO5 837631

Li-Ion Adflo Battery Charger (833111)Battery Charger for Lithium Ion Adflo Battery: CSO5 833111


QRS Breathing Tube for Adflo PAPR (834016)Tube Breathing Self Adjusting QRS Adflo, V-500E: CSO5 834016

Spark arrestor for Adflo PAPR (836000)Spark Arrestor Adflo PAPR: CS05 836000

Adflo motor housing only (832000)Adflo Motor Section Only: CS05 832000