Anti static gloves and conductive gloves

• Dissipative
• Elastic
• Breathable
• Dust Free
• Colour : White Liner / White Fingertip Coating
• Material : 100% Pure Nylon (280 Denier with 13 Gauge)
: PU (Polyurethane) Fingertip Coating


Anti Static Nylon Gloves

They prevent damaging electrostatic discharge (ESD), they also provide protection against grease,

dust and particle contamination in critical production environments;

including certified cleanrooms and EPA’s.

A variety of palm and finger tip coatings ensure optimum dexterity and comfort for the operator.

These low-cost static dissipative glove range is the perfect solution for both EPA and Cleanroom use


109-0918 - Glove, ESD PU Tip, Pack of 10, White, PU (Polyurethane), Size L, Knit Wrist