TQC Dewcheck 4 Docking Station


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The TQC DewCheck 4 Docking Station is an extremely versatile tool for measuring and recording all climate parameters required for treating surfaces.
The Docking Station is provided with 3 strong Neodymium magnets which hold instrument and dock firmly against ferrous steel surfaces. The delivery of the Docking Station includes a magnetic surface temperature sensor which overrides the instrument’s integrated surface temperature sensor in order to guarantee correct TS-readings.
A USB-Interface connects the unit to the PC for programming and downloading data. Also included is Ideal Finish Analysis Software. The simple yet powerful software downloads all data from the instrument and creates professional climate reports. With graphs of all parameters complete with “out of spec” indications, statistics, and written information about when- and how long a parameter has exceeded its limits. Further digital pictures of the painted object or working site can be included to indicate where measurements were taken.

The TQC DewCheck 4 Docking Station is indispensable for communication between DewCheck and computer!

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Item No: CSTDC7520
TQC DewCheck 4 Docking Station Series 2
Delivery includes:
  • Magnetic surface temperature probe
  • Ideal Finish Analysis evaluation software
  • USB-cable
  • Allen key 2.5 mm