Tank Coatings Condition Guide


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A guide to assist ship’s staff in the assessment of tank, hold and space coatings of existing ships for the purpose of determining compliance with the Rules and Regulations for the Classification of Ships. The guide handles the definition of the tank coating condition in Good / Fair / Poor classification. It also contains the IACS methodology to divide tanks into a number of smaller “areas under consideration” which can easily be identified. Further are included schematics to help defining area determination, percentage of coatings breakdown for specific ship structures and a comparison of common rust scales. A series of full color pictures of tank coatings in various conditions and a section that describes and shows the hotspots for corrosion and other common defects is also part of the guide.
The last section contains sketch indicating common nomenclature and terminology applied to typical structure of major ship types.
Year of publication: 2008
Size: 95 x 135 mm
Page’s: 120
Tank Coating Condition Guide
Publisher : Lloyd’s Register
Language : English
Material : Laminated paper in binder
Dimensions : 135 X 95 mm.
Item No: CSTLD3075