TQC Powder Coating Meter Powderchecker XP


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The TQC PowderChecker XP is a hand-held, non-contact Coating Thickness Gauge that uses an airborne high frequency ultrasound to analyse coating powder applied to rigid substrates to calculate and display a predicted cured thickness.

The TQC PowderChecker XP measures uncured powder coatings using ultrasonic technology to automatically calculate a predicted cured thickness. This is sent by Bluetooth® to the recorder, where the value is shown in the large display. Taking a measurement is fast and accurate (3%) in the range of 30 to 110 microns.

Using the TQC PowderChecker XP saves on powder and reduces loss of products. For most powders no calibration adjustment is required.

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Item No: CSTLD5820
Technical data:
Range 20 – 110 µm (0.8 – 4.3 mils)
Resolution 1 µm (0.05 mils)
Accuracy ± 5 µm (± 0.2 mils)
Measurement Time 2 – 5 seconds
Measurement Distance to Powder 18 mm (0.75 inch)
Measurement Area 2 mm (0.08 inch)
Base Unit
Size 146 x 64 x 31 mm (5.75″ x 2.5″ x 1.2″)
Weight 165 g (5.8 oz.) without batteries
Size 222 x Ø50 mm (8.75″ x Ø2.0″)
Weight 272 g (9.6 oz.) without batteries