TQC Dolly Drill for Adhesion Test


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The TQC Dolly Drill is the perfect tool to remove the excess of glue and cut through the coating around dollies in order to prepare the dolly for the adhesion test. Fixed positioning is assured with the three strong magnets, allowing the drill to remove the coating around the dolly without putting any force on the dolly. Manually removing the access of glue and cutting through the coating is a hard job for inspectors that have to do many tests a day, which results in wrist and arm pains. The TQC Dolly Drill eases their work considerably, and increases the accuracy of the pull off adhesion tests because of a perfect vertical cutting movement down to the metal.

For the best reproducible results use the Adhesion tester AT, with the hydraulics and auto positioning feature of the pull-off head.

Item No: CSTLD9250

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