TQC Super PIG Basic


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The TQC SuperPIG Basic is a destructive precision tool for inspection and thickness measurement on single/multiple coats on virtually all substrates, including wood, plastics, metals etc. Also observes and measures substrate and film defects. The principle is to cut a coating and observe and measure the width of the cut by means of an integrated microscope with scale. Alternatively the meter can be extended with cross-cut knives for adhesion testing.

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Item No: CSTSP1200

  • Made of Titanium anodised aluminum
  • Suitable for both Super-pig and cross-cut knives (all to be ordered separately)
  • Bright white LED lights ensure clear vision through the microscope
  • Small size eases use in corners
TQC Super PIG Basic, without knives. Destructive coating thickness gauge
Super PIG, destructive coating thickness gauge, range: 2 to 2000 microns
Microscope : Magnification 50X (with 360° revolving graduation-scale)
Scale range : 0,00 – 2,50 mm (rectilinear measured)
Variation : Accuracy depends on chisel cut angle and users reading
Battery : AG3 button cell battery (4x)
Material : Titanium anodised aluminum
Width : 25mm
Height : 120mm
Length : 60mm