TQC Basic Inspection Kit



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The Basic Inspection Kit is one standard measuring set to perform all measurements and tests regarding painting.

The case contains the following parts:
– Bradawl.
– Digital thermo / hygrometer for checking the application climate.
– Telescopic inspection mirror and inspection lamp.
– Electronic moisture detection meter for wood.
– Master Paint Plate for testing adhesion, wet film thickness, rounding adhesion on edges, viscosity, and the thickness or glass. Complete with small cutting tool and tape.
– pH indicator paper.
– Wedge for checking reverse-side tolerance and thickness of glass.
– Surface microscope (30x) with illumination.
– Marker pen.
– Compass.
The Basic Inspection Kit is available with several different moisture meters

Tape can be ordered separately as well

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Item No: CSTSP5000

Basic inspection kit, set with non-destructive wood moisture meter Caisson