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The TQC Colorcatch2 allows professional painters to measure and match the coating color with the most popular color cards (NCS, RAL …).  On board integrated NCS and RAL cards are compared with the measured color and the corresponding card number is presented on the display. Color cards from known paint manufacturers and coating manufacturers can be downloaded via the internet.

Its use is simple: place the TQC ColorCatch2 on the flat surface, click and it will instantly indicate the two nearest color codes it has found in its palette memory.

The TQC Colorcatch2:
• Saves up to 90% time while assessing the right color.
• Eliminates common made visual color assessment mistakes.
• Simplifies communication between (counter) parties.
• Suffices with measurements taken on the spot, no hassle bringing back samples.

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TQC Colorcatch2
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