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Tegera 19 Welding Gloves

Pair of Ejendals™ Tegera® 19 professional welding gauntlet gloves (part number TEGERA19).

Pack = 6 Pairs

Case = 60 Pairs

  • Fully lined with reinforced seams for heavy duty applications
  • Sturdy and durable to perform for long periods of time
  • Made from industry best quality vertically-cut, split grain cowhide
  • Withstand contact heat up to 100°C
  • Provide great fingertip sensitivity
  • Flame retardant leather protects against sparks, spatter and grinding splash
  • Slim-fit 180° elasticated European cuff design.

The Tegera19 welding gauntlets provide protection from burns, blisters and other heat related injuries that occur in harsh working conditions. The fully-lined seams on the 19 gauntlets make them suited to heavy duty tasks. Made from high quality split-grain cowhide, a naturally flame-retardant material, the Tegera 19 gloves can withstand and protect against contact heat up to 100°C while welding and grinding. The specially designed slim fit 180° elasticated European designed cuff makes for a very comfortable wear, while the legendary TEGERA resting fit moulds to the shape of your hand.

These gloves provide great protection for your hands whilst maintaining high sensitivity in the fingertips, allowing you to complete precision tasks whilst remaining protected. Developed with reinforced seams, the TEGERA19 gauntlets are sturdy and durable. These gloves are suited for warm and harsh environments when heavy work is required.

This glove is suitable for a wide variety of applications including welding, grinding, metal fabrication, mining and automotive.

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