Gema MagicCylinder II


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The well known Quick Color Change System MagicCylinder from Gema has been renewed and is complemented by the new MagicCylinder II which features a new booth floor design. It provides improved airflow conditions even for high exhaust air volumes, while maintaining the traditional outstanding quick color change capability.

The new MagicCylinder II series features a flat floor provided with 2 exhaust channels closed by movable flaps. During operation the flaps remain closed: the 4 exhaust slotson the side of the flaps create a very gentle, homogeneous,symmetrical and vertical air-draft. The blowing devices integrated in the booth floor keep itssurface, as well as its flaps, constantly clean during operation.

The very low base structure provides a distance of the lower edge of the object to the hall floor of 700mm only! Therefore the booth with this new design is very versatile and can be easily integrated into new or existing plant configurations.

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