GEMA OptiStar CG13 Gun control unit


PowerClean module

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Gema OptiStar CG13 Gun control unit

The OptiStar CG13 Gun control unit is designed exclusively for
controlling the Gema powder coating guns

Digital Valve Technology (DVC)

Digital Valve Control (DVC) is the
technology used in the OptiStar gun
controls. The patented DVC technology, Gema’s OptiStar gun controls
offer precise and reproducible powder output regulations and improve
the film thickness consistency.

Gema E-App Electrostatic App

The Electrostatic App offers the users new possibilities for process control from Line Management to maintenance of the equipment l, data and parameters are always available on the mobile device and can be directly adjusted.

More Information E-App

Connectable guns
OptiStar CG13 connectable OptiSelect GM03

Gema Compatibility and interactions
The OptiStar CG13 gun control unit is used for the following manual
equipment from the OptiFlex line:
– OptiFlex B/Q (with powder box)
– OptiFlex F (with fluidized powder hopper)
– OptiFlex S (with stirrer container)
– OptiFlex C (with application cup)
– OptiFlex L (with lab device)
– OptiFlex W, K (Kits)
– OptiFlex Dual Gun Kit B, F
– OptiFlex Dual Gun Wall Kit B, F