Gema Software Datasheets


Gema Software Datasheets

Automation by Gema

Sequence program
Complex components simply coated

Sequential programming allows serial coating of complex components
The central control unit MagicControl 4.0 with the option sequence program enables individual movement sequences of individual axes or entire stations. The sequence movements of X/Y-, synchronous, infeed or rotation axes for the coating of complex components can be programmed and managed effortlessly directly on the screen. This results in exact coatings and reproducible results. Especially parts with cavities (e.g. baking cavaties benefit from this option. The coating guns follow the inner contour of the baking box, this while the conveyor is running. The maximum suspension tolerance in all three directions is +/-6 mm.

Sequence program

Batch Management

Monitoring of energy consumption and ambient conditions

Line Management



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