The GAQ Cap Sample Box


The GAQ Sample Box includes:



The GAQ Cap Sample Box

2 Times Faster = 50% Time Saving

The HangOn Silicone caps are designed with ribs to speed up handling. The ribs allow trapped hot air to be ventilated and prevent them from blowing off in the curing oven. This handy kit is designed to cover multiple sizes, the coloured caps allow for easy sizing identification.


The GAQ Sample Box includes:
Qty GAQ CAP inside diameter (id) Length (L)
100 GAQ M3X15 2.5 – 2.8mm 15mm
100 GAQ M4X30 3.8mm 30mm
100 GAQ M5X35 4.7mm 35mm
50 GAQ M6X30 5.7- 5.9mm 30mm
25 GAQ M8X56 7.5 – 7.9mm 56mm
20 GAQ M10X70 9.5 – 10.3mm 70mm
20 GAQ M12X40 11.6 – 11.9mm 40mm
10 GAQ M14X40 12.7 – 13.6mm 40mm