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RAL Digital

The software for architects, interior decorators and all those who deal with colours in a creative way. It integrates the RAL colours into graphics and CAD programmes. Easy, quick and output-optimized.



The RAL DESIGN System  (1825 colours) has been developed primarily for sophisticated decorative colour design. It is the colour system of their choice for example, for architects, designers and advertising agencies – not only in Germany but also throughout the world.

With its methodically arranged, colour metric defined colour shades the system is said to be the perfect instrument for individual colour design and since its debut on the market in 1993 it has quickly become the top choice for users everywhere. Creative colour design requires a multitude of colour nuances. RAL DESIGN accomplishes this task with the utmost precision.


RAL Effect Colours

With its EFFECT collection, RAL fulfills the wish for greater variety in colour design in the industrial sector. RAL EFFECT comprises 420 solid colors and, as a particular highlight, 70 metallic colors. It is the first collection from RAL to be based on waterborne paint systems. No use is made of heavy metals such as lead, cadmium and chromates.

RAL EFFECT allows eco-efficient colour production for all paint and lacquer producers and users thanks to its simple, modern formulation. Let yourself be inspired by the this modern colour collection and discover the diversity of RAL EFFECT!

RAL EFFECT advantages at a glance:

  • 420 solid colours and 70 metallic colours, based on waterborne paint systems with simple and effective formulation
  • Each colour family with 6 solid colours has a matching metallic colour
  • Solid colours and metallic colours can all be combined harmoniously
  • Large number of particularly popular light colour shades
  • Compliance with various European EN and ISO standards


RAL Classic Colours

The 4-digit RAL colours have been the standard for choosing colours for more than 70 years now. At the beginning the colour collection included 40 different colours. Its number has risen to 213 today. The basic collection for matt colour shades is called RAL 840-HR, the one for glossy colour shades RAL 841-GL. Both basic collections contain colour samples that are being used by important institutions to cover a wide range of applications and are constantly adapted to the requirements of the industry. The registers are being used as colour samples for designs. They also contain safety- and signalling colours and fulfil the colour requirements of DIN regulations.



RAL Plastics

Creative colour design for innovative products. A yellow that says ‘warm’ and ‘fresh’ at the same time? Colours that radiate peace and security? For sophisticated colour design, we have handpicked 200 new RAL P2 colours from the internationally renowned RAL DESIGN System used by architects, designers and product designers. 200 additional RAL DESIGN colours – including cool teals, juicy leaf greens, earthy ochres, brilliant berry hues and delicate lilacs have added a range of new colour statement options to the plastics palette. For plastics manufacturers and plastics processors, for products in the cosmetics industry and the construction sector, and for household goods and packaging. New colour combinations for games, sports and leisure time. RAL P2 contains 160 opaque and 40 special, transparent colours. Together with the 100 classic shades within RAL P1 the RAL PLASTICS colour standard now comprises 300 colour samples. Each colour is also available as a single plate.



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