ISOTEST inspect 35
Test voltage 5-35kV, 0.1 kV steps

Performance for every application.
Benefits: Energy reserves for the most demanding test situations, thanks to impulse voltage technology. The ISOTEST inspect can cope with large diameter, humid, dirty and even only slightly con- ductive surfaces. The battery strength display, hours run meter, safety button activation via the menu, the easy to use membrane keyboard and display bear witness to the wide range of possible uses.

Testing device, instrument bag with shoulder strap, battery (SLA), charger 230 VAC, earth cable 10 m with clamping jaw and instrument plug, your choice of one piece testing electrode up to 500 mm, aluminium transport box, works and calibration certificate.

Delivery package includes

  • ISOTEST inspect test instrument complete with high voltage inspection probe including safety button
  • Lead acid 6 V rechargeable battery – easy to change in its own compartment
  • Charger 230V/50Hz
  • Earth cable 10m with a robust clip and instrument plug with earth monitoring
  • Earthing cable* 15 m with clips at both ends
  • Earthing foil set*
  • Test electrode up to 500 mm
  • Comfortable instrument bag with carrying strap and belt
  • Robust aluminium transport case Extensive instruction manual
  • Works test report