TQC Sheen acquire C & W Specialist Equipment, UK

TQC Sheen recently acquired all shares of C&W Specialist Equipment (C&W) in the UK. C&W is one of the main suppliers of salt spray, humidity and cyclic corrosion test cabinets.

The company was established in 1979. As the demand for quality assurance in industry as a whole grew during the 1980’s, C&W introduced its product range to paint, chemical, surface coating, aerospace, offshore and electronic industries all over the world.

As well as cars, ships and aeroplanes, C&W cabinets are used to test the corrosion resistance of many products including oil rigs, electrical insulators for electricity pylons, saw blades, ammunition, cookers, refrigeration units, baby car seats and even golf clubs, to name a few.

The C&W product range is now part of the TQC Sheen product portfolio and we are delighted to offer these products to you.