OptiFlex® Pro Manual Equipment and Guns

 To be released in May 2019

 To be released in May is the 

OptiFlex Pro B and  OptiFlex®Pro F

The OptiFlex Pro B : Perfect for frequent color changes. It takes the powder directly from the original box. No need to replace and clean hoppers at color change.

OptiFlex® Pro B Spray: Box manual unit with OptiSpray application pump

Easy and fast color changes with the direct powder conveying from the original box.

The OptiFlex®Pro F: quality and productivity.  The 50 l hopper is ideal for continuous use and offers perfect powder fluidization even in challenging environments.

OptiFlex® Pro F Spray: designed for high powder outputs The usage of OptiSpray AP01 application pumps ensures best coating results for high film builds with an powder output of up to 600 g/min.