TQC Coatmaster Flex

Film thickness on Metal substrates


Coatmaster Flex

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Coatmaster Flex measures coating thickness immediately after application. Use Coatmaster Flex for measuring wet and cured/dried powders and paints. The portable gauge operates contactless and non-destructive without dangerous emissions. Coatmaster Flex is suitable for coating metal, paper, rubber, ceramics, glass, plastic and wood surfaces.

Avoid rework and rejects: Detect and correct deviations early in the process.

Save material: Reduce your material consumption by up to 30%. This saves money and protects the environment.

Ensure quality: Produce coatings with high accuracy and set new quality standards.


  • Large measuring distance tolerance (2-15cm*)
  • Large tilt tolerance (70°*)
  • Also suitable for thicker layer thicknesses
  • Suitable for measuring moving parts
  • Suitable for dry and wet film coatings
  • Measurement data saved in the cloud

Technical Data

Cured powder / dried paints 1 – 1000 μm
Wet paints before drying  1 – 400 μm
Powder coatings before curing 1 – 400 μm
Measuring time from 20 ms
Distance tolerance* 2 – 15 cm
Tilt tolerance 1 ± 70°
Measurement on moving parts yes
Relative standard deviation** < 1 %
Measures coatings of any color (incl. white) yes
Real-time data access via ERP and browser yes
Weight (without battery) 1.3 kg
Dimensions 374 x 91 x 203 mm

* Depending on coating and substrate material
** 60 μm powder coating before curing on aluminium, 5 cm working distance

Scope of supply:

  • Coatmaster Flex
  • Rechargeable battery 18V (2x)
  • Battery charger
  • Transport Case


Order Number: CST LD5865