TQC Wet Film Thickness Wheel


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Specially by TQC developed instrument for use on wet lacquers, paint and coil coated surfaces. Equipped with a precision roller-bearing for smooth rolling over the surface . The wheel has three rims, the inner rim being eccentric to the two outer rims. The outer rings are notched for a firm grip inthe surface to prevent slipping. Made of stainless steel and with an aluminum grip.
Item Nos:
Wet film thickness wheel, model: NS100, Range: 0-100µm, Division: 10µm, Diameter: 50mm. Graduation: 10µm
Wet film thickness wheel, model: NS300, Range: 0-300µm, Division: 30µm, Diameter: 50mm
Wet film thickness wheel, model: NS600, Range: 0-600µm, Division: 60µm, Diameter: 50mm