TQC Heated Perforated Vacuum Bed for Thin Film Application


Heated perforated vacuum table to be used to create smooth and consistent thin films of paint, lacquers and other materials on sample specimen such as opacity test charts, sample panels, foils or other flat substrates.



Perforated table with built-in temperature control. Apply even and consistent films of paint and coatings on test charts.

Heated Perforated Vacuum Table with built-in temperature control and display.

Create thin films of paint, lacquers and other materials. Add an optional vacuum pump to hold your test charts, non-elastic foils and other flat substrates firmly in place. Small sized specimens can be held in place by covering any remaining vacuum holes.

Heat is evenly distributed so the entire vacuum plate has the exact same temperature. Temperature can be adjusted from ambient till 125°C. The digital controller allows users to accurately set the temperature to one decimal place.

The Heated Perforated Vacuum Table is compatible with all common type applicators such as Baker and Bird.


  • Test coatings to evaluate opacity, hiding power and other appearance parameters.
  • Test adhesives like glues to evaluate bonding strength at different temperatures.
  • Apply slurry pastes for research of thin film technologies in battery development.
  • Prepare test charts for scrub -, abrasion- and wash-ability tests.

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Part No: CSTab3430

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