In-plant Holiday Detector ISOTEST ACT DC


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With the ISOTEST act in-plant holiday detector thin coatings like FBE, Rilsan etc. can be tested in a safe and reliable way. Precise adjustment and control of the testing voltage guarantees testing according to relevant regulations and customer specifications. Easy control and complete documentation of the testing results are provided by the optionally integrated Panel PC with touch-screen control. Due to its flexibility, the ISOTEST act adapts easily to a wide variety of testing methods: Helical testing for rotating pipes using a flat electrode, whereas circumferential testing is the method of choice for non-rotating pipes.

The intelligent microprocessor control system guarantees the highest degree of measuring certainty and fault tolerance. The testing voltage is adjustable from 0.5 kV – 6.0 kV and is constantly monitored by the electronic controller.

A large range of accessories is available for a variety of applications. Test electrodes can be supplied for the most diverse shapes of object.

Item No: CSTinplantDC