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For the observation of rapid movements, either by eye or with a camera. With its numerous designs, the HELlO-STROB series provides diverse facilities.

A robust, easy to maintain metal twin-shell case with “stand handle” and separate hand-held lamp implement the highest degree of flexibility and open new applications in the field of the visualisation of movements and vibrations.

Whether with constant brightness over the entire frequency range with the new dimmer function or with automatie optimisation of the brightness for the selected frequency, slow motion or variable shifting of the observed point (phase shifting), every requirement is fulfilled. Apart from the accurate internal controller, external or mains triggering are available.

Arbitrary changes between high accuracy fine adjustment by 1/100 Hz and a frequency change in large steps, microprocessor technology makes it possible. The standard version ALPHA with simple operation, the BETA with all the options of the latest technology or the BETA A3 with further increased brightness: the HELlO-STROB series leaves no wishes ungranted.

Benefits at a glance

-Highly constant brightness
-Pin sharp images
-Convenient operation
-Many useful functions

Item No: CSTbetaA3