QNix® 9500 Thickness Gauge



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QNix® 9500 Coating Thickness Gauge

The coating thickness gauge to measure the thickness of coating on metal

QNix® 9500 Product family

QNix® Coating Thickness Gauges – Made in Germany Quality and Precision

Premium and Premium+:
• Handheld QNix® 9500
• PC software QN9
• Fe- and NFe-reference plate and two test foils
• Test certificate (only with integrated
measuring probe)
• Operation manual
• USB cable
• 2 Mignon batteries 1,5 V (AA) alkaline
• Plastic case for transport and storage
If a probe is ordered with the modular system,
these additional components are supplied:
• Probe
• Test certificate for measuring probe
• Probe holder
• Probe adaptor cable for extending the probe


QNix 9500® interchangeable probe

• Stainless steel probe with a protective membrane, IP65 dust and water protection
• Resistant probe head with polished ruby
• Chemically resistant material, to clean with solvents (acetone, nitro dilution, ethanol)
• LED-limit indicator on the probe tip
• Probe adaptor cable made of drag chain compatible PUR
There is a digital copy of the last calibration certificate saved in each probe, which can be integrated into a report via PC software.
All interchangeable standard probes of the
QNix® 9500 are also compatible with the new
QNix® 5500, thus ensuring a cross-model flexibility.


QNix® 9500 is recommended for heavy corrosion protectionindustrial coating, as well as for surface finishing.

QNix® 9500 Information Sheet