Elmed LED-Stroboscope HELIO-STROB micro


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HELIO-STROB micro: to be applied to processes requiring an uncomplicated, optical control or to the visualization of quick production sequences, as well as to the contact-free revolution and vibration measurement. The combination of micro-processor control and innovative LED technology in a handy vest pocket size provides among a variety of functions for a complex range of options: long product life, maintenance-free product quality (no wear-out components), no generation of heat.

Features as

– phase shifting up to 360° for the switch of the observation point
– alternative selection of the rotation or flash frequency
– frequency selection by fast search mode frequency divider and multiplier
– memory for 4 flash frequencies adjustable flash duration
– create a maximum flexibility for the mobile application of the “micro”.

– Extremely long-lasting operation and product life by the innovative LED technology
– Handy and light
– One-hand operation
– Robust industrial quality
– Flash frequencies up to 2000 Hz
– Tachometer mode
– Optimal price / performance ratio

The TTL compatible trigger input enables, additionally to the internal control, the comfortable synchronization of the stroboscope with external signal transmitters, as well as the operation as a contact-free tachometer. HELIO-STROB micro: “always at hand”

Item No: CSTLEDmicro