Inspection of pipe coatings

For decades, leading pipeline operators all over the world have been relying on the ISOTEST holiday detection equipment of ELMED. Even the smallest cracks, flaws and defects can be detected and indicated in the holiday detection process.

The special testing technique of the ISOTEST holiday detection equipment using pulsed high voltage allows a reliable holiday detection of pipes up to DN 1600 in just one operation. Thanks to the capacitive grounding method (phantom grounding) which is only possible in combination with pulsed high voltage a safe grounding without direct contact to the “bare” pipe end is possible. Even damp pipes can be safely and non-destructively tested for defects and flaws with the ISOTEST® holiday detector.

ISOTEST Pipeline Test Kit

Part-no.: 0141000030

Scope of delivery:

  • ISOTEST 4S plus, test voltage 5 – 35 kV, 7 voltage steps
  • Rechargeable battery, 6V / 4.5 Ah (VLRA) – easy to change in its own compartment
  • Standard charger for ELMED Pb-accumulator 100-240 V/50 Hz
  • Trailing ground, 6 m
  • Grounding cable 10 m with clip and instrument plug
  • Grounding stick including 5 m cable and clamping jaw
  • Flat brush electrode, length 250 mm, brass, with angle adjustment
  • SlimLine connector for testing with spring electrodes
  • SlimLine spring electrode of your choice up to NPS 20 inch
  • Aluminium transportation box for ISOTEST and accessories
  • Works and calibration certificate