Inspection of coated fittings

Coated fittings of different shapes can be reliably tested with the ISOTEST inspect.

All kinds of valves and fittings with an anti-corrosion coating can be reliably tested for cracks and pores with the ISOTEST inspect. A choice of special test electrodes for different, even delicate surfaces, cavities, small curvatures and other inhomogeneous forms allows the individual adjustment of the porosity detector to your specific application.

ISOTEST Test Kit for Valves & Fittings

Part-no.: 0113510040

Scope of delivery:

  • ISOTEST inspect 35 instrument complete with high voltage inspection probe including safety button
  • Instrument bag with carrying strap
  • Rechargeable battery, 6V / 4.5 Ah (VLRA) – easy to change in its own compartment
  • Charger for ELMED Pb-accumulator 100-240 V/50 Hz
  • Grounding cable 10 m with clip and instrument plug
  • Grounding cable 15 m with two clamping jaws
  • Spare battery for safety button and fuse for rechargeable battery
  • Flat electrode of conductive rubber
  • Wire rake electrode, trim length 200 mm, stainless steel
  • Aluminium transportation box for ISOTEST and accessories
  • Works and calibration certificate