Hooks and Hanging Systems

Why do Clean Hooks Matter?

When it comes to Powder Coating transfer efficiency, good grounding matters!

Electrostatically sprayed powder coatings are given a negative charge out of the powder gun, while the part itself is grounded.
This ground provides the opposite charge and attracts the powder to the part. Dirty hooks interrupt the attraction, causing a bad paint job.

– Product is being used and wasted
– Extra time is being spent painting
– Paint coat becomes transparent and uneven
– Time and money wasted on cleaning
– Static charges jump and can cause potentially danger
ous sparks

Our Solution!


Our hooks are made with you in mind.
To improve effectiveness and affordability, our hooks are made to be used several times then discarded. Good grounding every time with no need for cleaning.


– Extremely affordable
– Copper coated steel means better conductivity and rust resistance
– Unique DV design allows the hooks to locate each and every time
– Reuse each hook up to 3 times
– Come both in standard and fixed form for your convenience



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